Do You Know What Makes Heaven Eternal?

Most of us have been taught that heaven is eternal, but we've never taken the time to ask why. I think that heaven is eternal because love and relationships are eternal. One of the characteristics of a healthy relationship is that it doesn't end; there is always something new to learn about the other person and always something new to experience with him or her. That is not only true in our human relationships, but also in our relationship with God. For all eternity, you and I will have the opportunity to get to know God more and more intimately and to experience God in new and varied ways. 
A man recently shared with me his desire to get to know his wife better. Even though they have been married over 35 years, he believes that there are still things about her that he doesn't know yet and that he is interested in discovering. In fact, he actually seemed excited and energized by the idea that there was more to discover in his relationship with her. That is the same excite…

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my dad and to all fathers! I hope you have a blessed and restful day filled with many expressions of gratitude for the sacrifices you make for your family!
Our celebration of Father's Day this weekend gave me the opportunity to spend time pondering what aspect of God the Father we, as men, should most emulate. While I'm sure each of us might have a different idea of what to emulate, the one that I have been thinking about the most is the gift of a father sharing his children's condition. This is what God the Father did when He chose to send His Word to become flesh in Jesus Christ. He shared in our condition to the fullest. He was human in all things, but sin. 
John Marshall from Kansas also chose to share in his son's condition. When he noticed that his son was self-conscious about the scar on his head after cancer surgery, John had a matching scar tattooed on his own head. He desired to share in his son's condition as an act of love and…

The Festival of Freedom

There are four common names for the Jewish celebration of Passover. One of those titles is the "Festival of Freedom," because Passover is the celebration of the Israelites freedom from slavery in Egypt. During Passover, the Jews remember how God lovingly led them out of slavery and into the freedom of the Promised Land, caring for them along the way. 
One of my directees, Susan, recently shared with me that she likes to think of the Rosary as our Christian "festival of freedom." Just as the Passover gives the Jews an opportunity to reminisce about God's saving plan, the Rosary gives us the opportunity to reminisce about God's saving plan in Christ. 
The Rosary consists of twenty mysteries, or moments, from the life of Christ that are important to our Christian heritage. They tell the story of Christ's life, death, and Resurrection. They celebrate our salvation history. Using the repetition of beads and prayers as an ancient stopwatch, we take time to r…

A Time to... ?

During a recent Spiritual Direction session, a directee shared with me what the important gift of time means to her. As she spoke about different expressions of time, I was reminded of the poetic verses in Ecclesiastes, chapter three, which begin, "There is an appointed time for everything." 
I thought that you might enjoy the prayer recommendation that I offered her regarding savoring the gift of time in our lives. So, here it is--
Write your own version of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, making your poetic prayer specific to the gift of time in your life. As you spend days/weeks prayerfully journaling about the gift of time in your life and how you use it, be practical and specific. For example, you might write things like, "There's a time to cook and a time to eat. There's a time to work and a time to relax." 
Then, go back to every single moment of time that you listed in your prayer, and connect a specific quality of Christ to that moment. In other words, what qu…

Old Dog... New Tricks...

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, we'll know in a little while! I am learning a new system of media integration for DeepWardly so that I can get blog posts to all of you in a more timely manner. 
I realized the other day that I had not posted a blog in more than a month! UGH! And, I've had numerous people ask me why I've quit blogging. The honest answer is because I value posting quality content that will help you and not just fill up your inbox, and quality content takes a long time to create. I hope this new service will speed up the process a little.
Please be patient with me as I learn the new technology. If all of it works properly, you should see this on Facebook this evening, as well as on the blog and through email (if you've registered to receive my newsletters and blogs through email). 
Have a blessed and restful evening and I'll look forward to offering more content in the near future!

Meaningful Supervision: 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Supervision Sessions!

ATTENTION SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS--many of you have asked me when you can watch a replay of last week's free webinar, "Meaningful Supervision". Well, I've got it ready!

Here is a link to the list of webinars on my website. Email me if you have any problems or questions!

I will be working on some new (and free) webinars in the next month and I'll keep you posted about them. Have a blessed and amazing day!

I'm Heading for the Silence! YAY!

I leave in just a few minutes for a five-day silent retreat! I am looking forward to spending quality time with the Trinity! 
Please know that you will be in my daily prayers and I ask you to please pray for me while I'm on retreat, that I might be open to the gifts and graces that God has in store for me. I will pray in a special way for all of you who allow me to serve as your Spiritual Director; I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve you and God in your love for one another.
Of course, I will be disconnected from technology, so if you get an email from me, be assured it's automated.  :-) 
Have a blessed and restful weekend and week!