Catching Up

So, I haven't posted on this blog in months because I've found Facebook, emails and Facebook live videos to be more successful in reaching people, but I thought I'd post a blog and catch you up on what has been going on in my life.

My new book, The Intimacy You Desire, is now available and ships the beginning of May! I'm super-excited about it and I'm looking forward to some book launches and book signings in the upcoming months. Also, the current book I'm writing, Rekindle Your Life's Passion, is being reviewed by the publisher and I hope to have a book contract for it soon.

I've also really worked hard on providing a great assortment of online retreats, presentations, and courses on the DeepWardly School of Spiritual Formation.

As if those things were not enough, I am fundraising in order to build a retreat cottage where individuals, couples and families can enjoy an overnight retreat, including Ignatian retreats based on the Spiritual Exercises of St…

Eating Ice

I read an article that said when people crave eating ice cubes, it's their body's way of indicating that they are deficient in iron. Have you heard that, too? I find it interesting that our body can help make us conscious of something that would have otherwise remained unconscious. I think God frequently does a similar thing for us.
Sometimes, it's precisely what we are spiritually craving that let's us know what God is offering to us. For example, we might find ourselves mysteriously drawn to read a book that we bought three years ago and haven't touched. Or, we might be drawn to use a meditation guide that has never interested us in the past. As we respond to those promptings, they can help us to become more conscious of our spiritual hunger and the gift God is offering to us. 
Have you had a similar experience? What were you craving and what helped you to acknowledge that spiritual hunger?  

Monthly Support Options

I can't thank all of you enough for the support and prayers that you've expressed to me! I know that the ministry and services I offer would not be possible without you! 
Some of you have asked if it's possible to make recurring monthly payments to DeepWardly in order to help build the retreat cottage. The answer is, "Yes!" On the home page of my website, you'll find a link at the bottom of the page that allows you to choose a monthly amount you would like to donate. If you have any questions about the link, just let me know. I'll keep all of you updated as to the status of the fundraiser and the plans for the retreat cottage!
Have a blessed and amazing week!

It's Not Just What We Do, But Who We Do It With

The American work ethic is well-known. Our country was built upon a deep belief that through hard work everyone can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Our willingness to work hard is a virtue, but we have to guard against letting it seep into our spiritual lives in a way that leaves us focused more on doing than on relationship.
A common topic that comes up in Spiritual Direction sessions is work, especially ministry and mission. Many of my directees desire to know what God wants them to be doing. They spend a lot of time discerning where they should put their time and energy in serving God. Such discernment is wonderful and will often lead us to acknowledging our heart's deepest desire, as well as find God's grace available for beautiful ministry and service opportunities. However, sometimes the desire to know what to do overshadows the most important part of our faith--our intimate relationship with God
One of the great gifts of the "Call of the King" m…


I remember my first GPS. It was a TomTom. Yes, that's right, Tom had a TomTom (which meant there was a tri-tom in my car. That joke is for all of my fellow bandies out there). What I loved about my TomTom was that every time I ignored its guidance and turned the wrong way, it would say, "recalculating" and then it would come up with an alternate way to get me to my destination. I've come to realize that God does something very similar for us.
No one perfectly follows God's will. Even when we are sincere and prayerful, we will still miss the mark at times as we discern various decisions in our lives. That is okay. Our God is generous in recalculating based on our decisions. His ultimate goal is to direct us toward the unique, particular image of Christ that He created us to be. When we make decisions that take us away from that "destination," God recalculates so that we have innumerable new opportunities to accept and live our uniqueness as members the …

Do You Know What Makes Heaven Eternal?

Most of us have been taught that heaven is eternal, but we've never taken the time to ask why. I think that heaven is eternal because love and relationships are eternal. One of the characteristics of a healthy relationship is that it doesn't end; there is always something new to learn about the other person and always something new to experience with him or her. That is not only true in our human relationships, but also in our relationship with God. For all eternity, you and I will have the opportunity to get to know God more and more intimately and to experience God in new and varied ways. 
A man recently shared with me his desire to get to know his wife better. Even though they have been married over 35 years, he believes that there are still things about her that he doesn't know yet and that he is interested in discovering. In fact, he actually seemed excited and energized by the idea that there was more to discover in his relationship with her. That is the same excite…

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my dad and to all fathers! I hope you have a blessed and restful day filled with many expressions of gratitude for the sacrifices you make for your family!
Our celebration of Father's Day this weekend gave me the opportunity to spend time pondering what aspect of God the Father we, as men, should most emulate. While I'm sure each of us might have a different idea of what to emulate, the one that I have been thinking about the most is the gift of a father sharing his children's condition. This is what God the Father did when He chose to send His Word to become flesh in Jesus Christ. He shared in our condition to the fullest. He was human in all things, but sin. 
John Marshall from Kansas also chose to share in his son's condition. When he noticed that his son was self-conscious about the scar on his head after cancer surgery, John had a matching scar tattooed on his own head. He desired to share in his son's condition as an act of love and…